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4kids 4colors – Mailin in blue

Mailin’s favorite color is blue. So her choice for the 4color series is easy: Blue it is.

This first one sports a low waist, buttons and a bit of lace. I should have taken off the necklace, because it doesn’t really match the dresses, but she has been wearing it for years and it became her signature necklace.



This one is more turquoise, and it has a little belt with nautical looking embroidery to go with it.



The last one is the same pattern as Fiona’s, but instead of pink the tiny flowers are blue.


Iplehouse Milly – Mailin Luna McLean

8 thoughts on “4kids 4colors – Mailin in blue”

  1. Very sweet, these dresses ☺️ I like the colours as well, the turquoise one in particular. PS I would love to ‘like’ your post, but can’t right now without a wp account, so instead this: 👍😉

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