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4kids 4colors – Calliope and lavender

It has been very hot for the last two weeks and I didn’t feel like doing much. Thank god it cooled down a bit today, but the sky has been teasing us with the promise of rain that just won’t fall. I try to keep my favorite plants alive, but my huge rainwater tank is almost empty.

But there’s always a bit of energy left for a little sewing, and the kids haven’t had any new clothes for a while. I have a couple of very colorful Mary Janes and lots of fabric for summer dresses. Four kids and four colors. I made some matching leggings as well – even though I feel hot just looking at the girls wearing them.

Calliope goes first. Her color is lavender this time.

This first one will work with light blue as well, but the tiny flowers look more lavender than light blue.



This one has a double layered skirt with no additional embellishments. I added buttons first, but unpicked them again. They were just too much in combination with the pattern.



And since good girls need a plain white muslin dress (or was that last century?), Calliope got one as well. Embellished with lavender sash and buttons.



In case you have noticed that she looks slightly different: I replaced her eyes with the acrylic eyes my Raccoon Ivy came with. The size looks more natural, even though I am not a big fan of acrylics.

And last but not least: The commenting issue seems to be resolved. In case you have entered your name, email and website once upon a time and checked the box “remember me” to be able to comment without entering all that every time, you might need to do that again. If the form still recognizes you, all the better.

Have a lovely Sunday! I would prefer a very rainy one for once.


10 thoughts on “4kids 4colors – Calliope and lavender”

  1. Lisa Muniz Stephenson

    I love all of them but my favorite is the double layer skirt, covered in flowers and petals 😍

    1. Thank you Lisa! This fabric is really easy to combine with plain colored fabric, there are so many colors in it that it works with the whole pink-violet-blue palette.

  2. No rain here either! Your dresses are all lovly, I can’t pick a favourite one. The leggings do look cool, even if they’re hot 😉

    1. Thank you! And the leggings are really easy to make, I think I might make one in every color I have. It didn’t rain today. And it was sunny- again. It would be so great if one could store the heat to save it for later…

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