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Problems with comment form- hopefully resolved now

Linda kindly let me know that commenting on this blog doesn’t seem to work properly at the moment. Since I have the same problem (an error message telling me to fill out required fields) on other people’s WordPress blogs, I guess the problem isn’t specific to my blog but some kind of bug or glitch. I reported the problem and I hope it will be fixed or I’ll find a solution.

Just wanted to let you know that I know about it. I am not going to try to change anything right now, I hope the next Jetpack update will come with a fix.

Thank you and have a lovely week!



I found out two things:

It only seems to affect WordPress- sites that are hosted on their own domain. Commenting with social accounts on the average * blog works fine.

Commenting on this blog or other WordPress sites using social accounts (at least WordPress accounts) works, if you click on “change” below the comment form, and chose your WordPress account again. Even if it already shows you the message “You are commenting using your WordPress account”. Kind of logging out and logging back in.

It would be great if someone who usually comments with their blogger profile / google account could test this.

If you do test it, would you be so kind and write in the comment how you did it? Commenting with name and email worked the whole time, it’s the comments with social accounts from frequent commenters that have been problematic. I have no way of telling how you posted the comment.


Update Saturday 27:

The issue should be fixed now. If you still experience problems with error messages, please let me know. Just in case you have been able to comment without entering your email and website before: Maybe you clicked on “remember me” once upon time when you first commented and you might need to do that again, in case you are logged out. I hope this will be resolved now.


25 thoughts on “Problems with comment form- hopefully resolved now”

    1. Thank you! Did it work the first time, or did you try the “fix”? Or did you comment with “name and email”?. That worked before- and still works.

      1. The usual way didn’t work.
        What did work was: I typed the comment, chose ‘change’ and the WordPress icon.

    1. Thank you! Everything seems to run smoothly again. I will mark the thread on the JetPack forums as resolved, if the admins have not already done that!

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