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De-pink sneak peek and a wash stand in the making

More stuff for the tiny diorama(s). First you get a sneak peek of the de-pinked kitchen. It’s not the best picture, and it will look different with walls, the window that is going to be over the counter and in a better perspective. But at least you get an idea. I am not entirely happy with it, but at least it’s not pink. I should have built it myself. The fridge just doesn’t look like the kind of fridge I like, and plastic is just not my favorite material to work with. But I think with all the props and the rest it will look nice enough.

I added to the height and made a counter – cooking without some space to prepare food isn’t fun.

Pink plastic kitchen make-over


And I started with furniture for the bathroom. This is the carcass of my newly built wash stand. I have not decided yet if I’ll paint it white or use color- I was thinking of grey. What do you think? And maybe I’ll shorten the faucet, it looks more like a kitchen sink faucet than a bath faucet.


BJD Furniture – ResinRapture


And speaking of faucets: I need fixtures for my bathtub. This weird contraption is going to be part of it. It’s a mixture of thingies I found in one of my odds and ends boxes. The bar is a part of a Blythe-hand gesture set. I added two eyelets and beads on top of them, and the tap is a cable. The white thing was on one of my clothes hangers. I have not decided yet if I add a shower. If I can find an old pair of in-ear earphones, I might use one of those as a shower head. Thank god for silver spray 🙂

BJD props – ResinRapture


I have made the walls and windows, but they are not painted yet, so you get to see them later.

And I just decided to paint the wash stand medium warm grey with a white counter. Yes.

8 thoughts on “De-pink sneak peek and a wash stand in the making”

  1. De-pinking definitely changed the feel of the kitchen and also brought out more details. Nicely done.

  2. Don’t you even try to complain about the kitchen – you did a great job! It’s so much better now. I know it’s not wooden, perfect, and so on, but it looks really great.
    I like the faucet the way it is. It looks like the old fashioned one. And with the wash stand you made it makes a perfect duo.

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