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Dogs and walls

Two more dogs arrived :). I linked to the shop in my previous post. They look much better in person than in the product picture, which is always a nice surprise. The black folding chair is bought as well, it’s one of those 1/6 scale furniture pieces that are actually available almost everywhere.



And I almost forgot to show you the painted wash stand. There will be a mirror (I am thinking oval) and the two little lights (see picture below) over it, but I have not made that yet. What I did make is a little mat. I have almost no experience with crocheting, but since I wanted this oval mat I needed to learn how to do that. A customer gave me a book on how to crochet, but I always preferred knitting and never really tried. It turned out okay-ish, and I will make a larger one for the bath tub. I am so excited about my plans for the bath, I can’t wait until I get to that.

And I shortened the faucet. It still looks old fashioned, but it isn’t that dominant now.



I also built and painted the walls of the first two rooms. There will be the bath room and a tiny bed room on top of this.

A double- Kallax from IKEA is on it’s way, and I will mount the house on top of it. It’s much easier to work on things in the ground floor room (the kitchen) if it’s a bit higher. And I will have storage room in the basement, so to speak.

Not sure yet if I will put curtains on all windows. My whole apartment is a construction area, everywhere are painted things that need to dry, parts I have not finished. It’s fun, but I will be glad when everything is nicely assembled as far as the rooms go. The top floor will get a sloped ceiling as well as skylights.


TinyHouseShare- ResinRapture


Speaking of lights: I want a bit of light in this house, and bought one actual dollhouse lamp (the golden one), and a bunch of balloon lights. I didn’t even know those existed. Thank god for “related products” ;). Those thingies are battery powered LED lamps you can put in a balloon or hang in trees for party decoration. They come in varieties of light colors, flickering or steady light, some can be turned on and off, some can’t. After reading through descriptions carefully I ordered two different sets. The white lamps with the string are perfect to create ceiling lights. There’s a little piece of plastic you need to pull to turn them on, pushing it back in turns them off. They are actually quite bright, all of them. The tiny golden lamp will go in the bathroom. The other lights could be wall lamps or bed side lamps, I’ll see what I can do with them. All of these are from Amazon. I put the pin in the picture as a size reference.


Dollhouse lamp and balloon lights


4 thoughts on “Dogs and walls”

  1. It’s going to look so cool! The rooms are great, and I love the idea of raising everything, it will be much easier to work in indeed! Haha, and a basement is always handy. The dogs are really cute, now you need a dog park diorama so they can run around. ;D The wash stand looks exactly as I imagined it, lovely! the mat looks good too, perfect match with the wash stand. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it. I need to make collars for the dogs :). But there’s so much else first that they can run around for now.

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