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Casual red

Time for more pictures of Esmée, even though I just managed to finish half of what I had planned. I decided to post the white dresses from her model job separately. It’s a funny coincidence that Xanadu just made a post about color choices, and she noticed that I usually go for the subdued dusty colors. But Esmée can wear strong colors, especially red. So more red it is.

The first pictures are clothes you have seen already, she is wearing them in her introduction post.


These are some of the new outfits. And the first combo is a combo in -guess what- dusty red :D.

I guess she would look romantic and beautiful in a flowery dress, but somehow I imagine Esmée is not the type of person who would go for flowers. But I think stripes suit her. And even though red seems to be one of her favorites, blue looks nice on her as well.  It will probably take a little while before I post again, time seems to fly these days, and I still need to finish more of the white dresses.

4 thoughts on “Casual red”

  1. I can relate to Esmée Landow, I’m not a floral person myself and prefer stripes or colour blocking, although I love flowers and floral prints on my dolls.
    Love all the photos Mia, you do such a great job and your sewing is always creative.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! Same here, I like flowers on objects and doll clothes, but I wouldn’t wear them myself- except nighties, but those don’t count 😀

  2. I have to parrot you two, usually I don’t wear flowery prints myself either, but my dolls do. Esmée looks beautiful in the pants with the striped tops and the dress. I think it suits her wonderfully! I also like the belt buckle very much. Don’t stay away for too long! 🙂

    1. Thank you :). Maybe that’s why I like to sew so much for my dolls, they get to wear all the stuff I like but wouldn’t wear myself. The belt buckle is something I would wear in human size though. I won’t :).

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