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Banana split

I know, I know, I wanted to post more pictures of Esmée. But I started a sewing project for her that takes a while, and being able to work again after several lock downs keeps me busy.

Today I took a day off, though. I had my first vaccination and it knocked me out completely. I felt fine at first and went to work, but in the evening the reaction hit me. Chills and fever, headache, joint pain… I still tried to work yesterday, and was rewarded with even higher fever and more headache. So I postponed today’s appointment and I hope I am well again tomorrow.

But even if I have every reason to stay home and slacken off, I always feel guilty about it and feel the need to do at least something useful. Which was clearing up a set of drawers. And I found the icecream sundae you see in the pictures. It was a gift, it came with a pair of boots I believe.

Let’s pretend it’s banana split, even if there’s a tiny bear sitting on top of it instead of a banana. :).


7 thoughts on “Banana split”

  1. I know how you feel Mia, I was fine the day I had mine, but bed ridden for two days following and not a great deal better the third. By the fourth I was back to normal. I have my second shot on the 6th July and my doctor said I shouldn’t get the same reaction … fingers crossed. Some people have very little reaction to the jab, hubby only felt a little ache. Take your time and rest, and don’t feel guilty.

    Love the purple on your DD, and that banana teddy split looks yummy! 😋
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you! I have read that with some vaccines it’s the first shot that gives you trouble and with some it’s the second. I hope your second shot will go without the same reaction. My second will be in September. Dandelion ate it all 🙂

  2. Hi Mia, this coming Wednesday I get my next shot, and I felt sick from the first one too. No fever, but headaches and general bad feeling. I hope you will feel better soon! The icecream is lovely, it’s such a nice accessory. 🙂 Take care!

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