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Petrol knit and buttoned skirt for Tristania

Tristania was the next in line for something new. I chose this combination in greens for her. The sweater is made from wool that was once one of my own favorite sweaters. I frogged it after years of wearing it, and the wool suffered a bit. That’s why I chose to use purl stitch, it hides the uneven fluff a bit. I also tried to make it pretty much like I made my own years ago.

And what annoyed me when I was wearing the human version (long open hair and buttons don’t work well together) doesn’t seem to bother Tristania. But then she doesn’t really move much when she’s alone. At least I think she doesn’t, who knows, maybe they all come out at night and work out.

The skirt is made from cotton double gauze and sports a button panel and a pocket. The buttons are the same I used for the sweater, but they are just decoration, the skirt closes in the back. The shoulder strap on her shoulder on the other hand closes the gap I needed to pull the sweater over her bum. On my human version it was just for show. I love the colors on her, but they look darker in the pictures than they actually are.

6 thoughts on “Petrol knit and buttoned skirt for Tristania”

  1. Very nice Mia, I love the dusty colours you use for your dolls, they tend to suit them rather nicely. Sort of subtle and relaxing. I also like the button on the shoulder it adds a little more interest to the design.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! Dusty colors are what tend to end up in my fabric shopping cart. I do have a couple of bright colors, but not that many dolls who can wear them well.

  2. Lovely sweater!! The strap with the button on the shoulder is truly lovely. Tristania’s hair and skin colour are enhanced with these tints, beautiful. I think that the dolls do work out at night, how else do they keep their gorgeous figures??? ;D

    1. Thank you! Haha, you have a point there. Imagine you turn the light on in the middle of the night and all your dolls are out and frozen in the movement. Kind of like the “frozen” flashmobs.

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