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Update on the Blythe eye template sheets

Printing problems hopefully resolved

I updated the eye sheet PDFs, since some people seemed to have printing problems with the protected files. If your phone wouldn’t let you print the files, please try again with the new PDFs. I tested the previously available files on my system, and they worked just fine. I didn’t know about the problems until I got the feedback, thank you for that and the test runs, Elysia!

I removed the protection, and I hope you keep the few rules in mind I asked to follow: Please do not share the PDF without the link to this blog. Feel free to share the link to the blog page using the social sharing buttons. And please subscribe before you use them. Thank you!

Before you try to print the sheets:

  • Make sure you have chosen the right paper size for your printer, either A4 or Letter.
  • Deactivate automatic scaling in case it’s activated (print 100% size).
  • Don’t forget to enter the custom page range you want to print (only page 2).
  • Print in high quality and specify what paper you use if your printer needs that information.

Just in case you still get the password question, make sure you cleared your cache. If you still have problems, please let me know in the comments. And if you can print them just fine, please let me know as well. I can’t try to fix problems if I don’t know about them ;).

You’ll find the new template PDFs here:

ResinRapture free doll eye templates