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It’s a wrap!

It all started with Melisande’s between-wigs-wrap. She was wearing one of the felt test wig caps and I had some fabric remnants lying around. I started to play around with the scraps, and it looked nice, but without any hair kind of flat. A google search later I had found the perfect resource, a blog called wrapunzel with all kinds of tutorials and loads of pictures – for human sized wraps of course. But I got an idea how to go about making it look more real and started to work on it.

A proper wrap would need some kind of undergarment, a shape to give the impression of hair underneath. I tested for a bit and came up with my future wrap voluminizer, a cap that is worn beneath the wrap and can be used to stitch some loose strands of hair to it. Melisande got the first one, without hair. These wraps look much better with earrings, and since Melisande’s ears are not pierced I had to photoshop them in. Unfortunately the head size doesn’t allow for some of the more elaborate wraps with up to five shawls as shown on the wrapunzel site, but with different fabrics the basic wraps look nice enough.

This is the first version. I love this look on her.


The next one with some strands of hair, and different looks depending on the wrapped fabric.

Tristania’s ears are pierced, so this one comes with earrings. I have a couple more, but this post is already rather picture-heavy, so I will leave it at this for now. More to follow 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!”

  1. If I hadn't found the Tanesha wig for Pooja, I was going to try a wrap. I still might, just for an occasional change of pace, so this post is both timely and useful. I went to the wrapunzel site (such a clever name) and watched one of the videos. Looks easy, but then I haven't tried it yet. Question: did you sew your wraps together to make them easier to put on again, or do you plan to rewrap them each time? And are they all built on the same cap, or did you make more than one style of cap? (I notice the site has caps for sale in a number of styles, both plain and poufy.) Zera's wrap reminds me of the turbans often worn with Regency gowns.

  2. Oh, do, she will look great with a wrap! The name is clever, right? I had to smile when I found it. I made several caps for each of the wraps (and some more, because I thought I might sell them once shipping is back to normal). The wraps are stitched together in some places, but the ends are loose to wrap im different styles. I think you can just glue a small cotton ball to a wig cap if you don't want to take the trouble to sew a voluminizer.

  3. These wraps are really lovely. I know a lady who wears wraps like this and she always looks really good, but I tried it and couldn't leave the house, I looked so weird!!

  4. Using a cotton ball for volume is a great idea. I also have lots of fluff left over from brushing out yarn during wig-making, which also makes great stuffing material.

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