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Variations in bling

These pictures look pretty much the same at first glance. I took them for a facebook group’s monthly banner, and they proved to be quite a challenge. I wanted Roux to look warm and soft despite the silver dress, the white lace and the diamond. And I wanted the rhinestone to be the lightest part of the picture (the banner theme is diamonds). She is wearing one of the wigs I made, it’s not exactly white, more some kind of milk color. And since I couldn’t decide which one I like best I just post them all. The last two are results of some cooling filters in blue and violet.


6 thoughts on “Variations in bling”

  1. It's hard to choose–they're all lovely. I'm taking your word for it that the dress is silver and the lace is white. On my monitor both the dress and lace look blue, except in the 6th photo where I can see that they might be silver and white. I love, love, love the wig! It's hard to make a doll look warm and soft using cold colors; luckily the yellowish background introduces some warmth. The 6th photo seems the warmest overall. I wish she had the jewel in her hair in that one.

  2. Thank you! It's hard to tell what the pictures might look like on other monitors, on my phone they look pretty much like on my computer. But I agree, the white doesn't look white- which was my intention to make the diamond stand out.

  3. I agree with BJW they are all lovely photos Mia, but I really like the second and third photos, although the 8th one which you have cropped is my favourite. The wig is beautiful and looks so soft and feminine on her.
    Big hugs,

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