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Just a new shirt for Walden

I have made a new shirt pattern and wanted to test it, and since Walden doesn’t have that many clothes he is the lucky one this time. The shirt fits well, but the collar should probably be a bit smaller.


Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose
Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose

4 thoughts on “Just a new shirt for Walden”

  1. I made a shirt from a Designs by Jude pattern that had the same sort of collar, which also ended up slightly oversized. The problem with making a smaller collar is it becomes very fiddly to work with. I guess that's why I dislike sewing tailored clothes for male dolls. It looks nice on Walden, who certainly looks like he appreciates it. That small blue check was a lucky find, too. It's perfectly in scale.

  2. Thanks. Just a bit smaller will probably be just as fiddly as this one was. I would like tailored clothes if it wasn't for the buttons and the collars. I don't really like the press-button solution, but I just can't manage decent buttonholes by hand. The small blue check is part of an old men's shirt in human size. I had planned the shirt for Gideon, but the collar and his long hair didn't work together.

  3. It looks great, the fabric you chose is perfect. I agree about the collar – a little bit smaller would be perfect. But still – it looks great. I hate making collars. They are so problematic in this size.

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