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Portable posing help

Every year around April ALDI starts their limited -time Aldi special buys with all sorts of garden stuff. Two years ago I bought one of the plant stands shown below. They offer these every year for a limited time, and if you want one and they don’t have any left you will find them next year again. They are usually offered in April and come in black and white.

I found this stand incredibly helpful as a portable posing help for MSD sized dolls. It’s always difficult to take full body pictures if you want to show outfits. If you put the doll on the ground you have to get down on the floor to get the angle right, and if you place them on a table you need either extra lights or a table near a window.


BJD props – ResinRapture


These flower stands have just the right height to put the doll on the top shelf. You can just kneel to take pictures, they’re portable and you can fold them to fit in their flat package after use. Which is great if lack of storage space is a problem. I like a bit of support or something the dolls can lean on for safety, and the ornaments make for a pretty railing. I used this stand for most of the outfit pictures I took of the Raccoon and FID girls, like these for example.

But since I wanted some variation I built a posing help that fits on the top shelf. It’s supposed to look a bit like a porch banister, and I can use it on the stand as well as on a table or on the floor. Please excuse the quality of the pictures, I didn’t crop them on purpose and I was in a hurry this morning.


BJD props – ResinRapture
BJD props – ResinRapture


6 thoughts on “Portable posing help”

  1. Great idea! Love the folding flower stands–I only ever see stands that don't fold–and your porch railing is sheer inspiration. If you don't want to see the iron railing through the white rails, you could always turn the porch around and photograph it from the scrollwork side. There isn't an ALDI in my state, but I did find one across the lake in New York. I don't know if they carry the same products, but it's certainly worth the trip.

  2. Thank you :). Aldi has a website with all the special buys and when they'll be available. It's probably too late this year, but the shop next to my place still has some left. I can place this thing on a table to take pictures without any railings, but I usually crop the pictures in a way that they'll be hardly visible.

  3. Hi Mia,
    That's a very good idea, especially for those who have difficulty in getting down on the floor to take photos. I thought your Juliet Balcony looked really good too, I'd like to build one like that myself and put it on legs at the right height for li'l ol' me! I particularly like the idea of being able to take it outside to photograph dolls in the garden. Thanks for all your very sensible suggestions as well as the photos.
    Big hugs,

  4. These are a great idea! ALDI special buys are a gold mine, honestly. I got some really nice sewing scissors and fabric squares. And your "posing help" looks great in pictures, as well!

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