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As requested: FID woman classic body with various heads

I was asked if I could put Claude’s head on the FID woman body. The person who wanted to see it thought about creating a smiling FID girl.
Even though the classic woman body has wider shoulders than the slim body and Claude is a downsized SID head (smaller than EID), it looks seriously wonky.

As you can see, the neck of the FID man is wider and the head on the FID woman neck leaves a large gap. The neck looks much shorter and at least for my taste the proportions are not working at all.

FID man head on FID woman body

Since I was alreade swapping heads, I combined some other heads with Raffine’s body.
The first one shows the body with the original head. In opposite to some people I always thought the proportions were perfect and the head just the right size (not too small).

JID girl Isar’s head might work okayish if the neck-opening wasn’t too small. But it is, and as a result her head is balancing somewhat storky on the neck. Next comes Claude. Off for my taste, as JID boy Edwin, he’s just hilarious. Hope this helped.



3 thoughts on “As requested: FID woman classic body with various heads”

  1. For the most part these are hilarious, although Claude's head might work (for people who want a slightly larger head than the FID woman's) if the gap can be concealed with a wig and a high-necked dress or sweater. Like you I still prefer the original; its proportions are perfect.

  2. First of: Ich hab nicht realisiert, dass du deutsch bist xD
    Then: thank you for the comparison… I consider to buy a FID and I am happy about all the pictures I get. The Original is the best, but with a little donout I think Claude would also kind of fit…maybe – I didn't see it with hair xD

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