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Monks and dryads

These too haven’t been out of the closet for ages, and since it’s a sunny sunday today I thought it would be the right time to let them see daylight again.

Leaf woke up from hybernation and enjoys the first warm day of the year. I had her wig stored in a bag to keep moths away, and it needed a bit fluffing up to look like something birds would nest in again. While I was getting a cup of coffee my cat decided to help. It took half an hour to find the wig behind my bed again. She did a thorough job, though. All tousled and very dryad-like.





Enoch still looks a bit snowy after he’s been draped in white for a change. It’s surprising how different his white skin looks framed by this snow white fabric.





6 thoughts on “Monks and dryads”

  1. Usually cats ruin wigs but your cat shows promise as a stylist. I'm impressed! I like your dryad's costume. I should try something like that for one of my Creature Doll elves. Enoch is looking a bit sallow surrounded by white drapery. Perhaps a cream colored drape would make him appear whiter? (Unless that's not the look you're going for.)

  2. My cat will like that. She is usually very careful and not one for destroying things, but I guess the fluffy mouse-like thing was just too tempting. Yes do! I am sure your elves would look lovely. Enoch usually wears his brown monk's habit, and he looks almost as white as this drape in it. But I wanted to see how dark he would look in white, so this time it was intentional.

  3. Lovely! Interesting! The painting done on both dolls is really stunning, did you do it yourself?
    It's good to play around with colours to see how different the resin looks, and I quite like Enoch draped in white. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  4. Leaf is stunning!! From the outfit to the tattoos/faceup! So perfect!! You cat was surely helpful xD

    Enoch is amazing as well, I believe I have not seen him before, honestly. He is so unique, but again, perfect styling.

  5. Thank you! There are a couple of older posts showing Enoch, but the sculpt is pretty rare I think. The only other person I know of who owns an Azuma head is MeiselMaus.

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