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Lady in layers

I finished most of these before I painted Melisande’s face. I wanted a natural soft style for her, with lots of layers and colors in harmony with nature and the elements, timeless and feminine. Harace’s sculpt has something modest and quiet about it, that’s at least how I see her. Depending on the face-up she can look sorrowful, haughty or regal, or just as if she was lost in thought. A very subtle and beautiful face, but not a very open one. Layers revealing layers seemed to be right for her.
Unfortunately the light is so bad at this time of year that the details of her face up don’t really show, but I hope at least the details of her clothes are visible.


8 thoughts on “Lady in layers”

  1. That's a lot of layers–you've been busy! I like her looks. There is something very Earth Mother about the way she dresses. The possibilities for mixing and matching are endless. Great job!

  2. Layered outfits are great!! I am particularly fond of the third one (from bottom to top) and the second to last. I really like those combos. But all of them suit Melisande so well!!

  3. Layering clothes can be fun and you have done an excellent job of doing just that Mia! I particularly like the simpleness of the second photo from the top, but all combinations are lovely.
    Big hugs,

  4. Thanks! My stuff is usually rather plain and simple compared to all the ruffled goodies out there, at some point all embellishments seem to be too much.

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