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Mixed Melisande pictures

Just a mix of pictures. Melisande has some more clothes, and I found a tiny body for Vivi, who can now wear her new tiny pink striped play suit. I would have loved a baby body with tiny fists, but this one is such a great match proportion-wise that I am not going to complain. I added some padding to the pants to make it look like she’s wearing diapers, but I think I might have to pad it some more.



6 thoughts on “Mixed Melisande pictures”

  1. Great photos–I love the close-up of Harace at the end. I like both outfits, especially the green, which is a great foil for her red hair. The baby's new body is not only good in proportion but the color seems to be a good match, although it's hard to tell when only the hands are visible. Is baby Vivi resin or some other material? Such a sweet little face.

  2. Thank you :). I like the color mix of the green one, but I think the lighter colors look better in pictures, just because the details of her face show better. Vivi has a plastic body- it's a tiny Simba doll, I can't remember the model name. The head is a bit lighter, but not much.

  3. The green dress looks lovely on her with her gorgeous red locks . . . green seems to suit redheads so well. Not really into babies of any kind, but this one does seem to complement Melisande's size beautifully and as long as it makes you happy that's all that really matters.
    Big hugs,

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