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Hard Fast Loud

Bell had an exciting day today. A rock band had a gig in a building close to Eve’s, and the manager booked catering. Bell was in charge to get everything organized, and she had a lot of fun. Everything needs to be collected after the show, and now she just has to wait. With a large speaker case as a seat she doesn’t mind.

And she has some new clothes. The only bought thing is the black jacket (and the shoes). I had that jacket for ages and it doesn’t fit Iples in the shoulders. Bell likes it and it suits her, so everyone is happy.


4 thoughts on “Hard Fast Loud”

  1. Someone's been busy! I like the pants and tee shirt, but I love the short dress. I like how it can double as a tunic with the pleather pants. The white blonde wig in one of the photos is a really pretty look for her. It has a soft windblown look, as well as a bit of glamour.

  2. Thank you :). She needs a pantyhose for the dress, it's so short that the hem gets caught in the mobility joints. I like the blonde wig, too, but without any styling it almost covers her face. It's funny how this girl can pull off clothes like this and still look a bit dangerous rather than tacky.

  3. I love her new clothes! I think she needs to wear clothes that show up that tattoo! Honestly, she looks great in all the wigs, but the pink is my favorite!

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