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One girl, one dress and loads of pictures

It has been incredibly hot and humid these last couple of days. Eryn was next in line to get something new, and I wanted to make something suitable for the weather. I like how fresh this style looks with Eryn’s haircut. If only I had more matching shoes for the big girls…

6 thoughts on “One girl, one dress and loads of pictures”

  1. Great dress! The fit is superb and I love the print. Does the fabric stretch? I can't tell from the photos. Eryn looks poised for fun. (I wonder why Iplehouse hasn't released Carina in FID size yet?) I don't know what you've been looking for in shoes, but I am bemoaning the fact that Iplehouse has no sandals for JID girls (the size I buy for FID). All my FID women are wearing high heels with their leggings, jeans and capris.

  2. Thank you :). Unfortunately it doesn't stretch at all. That would be great, Eryn is the only one with a large bust. Form fitting cotton dresses for her don't fit any of my other girls. How about Mary Janes? And I think Debsadorables on ebay has some sandals for Kish dolls that fit JID girls.

  3. Eryn is just stunning. The hair, the dress and on top those freckles!!
    I think the dress has a perfect form for her big bust size. It compliments her figure a lot! Also the color is beautiful on her <3

  4. Thank you :). She's my only large busted girl unfortunately, so a form fitting dress for her doesn't fit any of the other girls. But the colors are perfect for her. She's usually not the type of woman for flower dresses, but this fabric looks like it was made for her.

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