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Ink in progress

I finished Bell’s chest piece and started with her left arm. But now I am a bit undecided about the choice of motif for her right arm. I was thinking maybe a pin up or a lettering. Then again she’ll be a fan of shirts with slogans, and she’ll be a bit more flexible with statement shirts. Or I’ll go for a skull or flowers.

In the meantime I’ve been painting and redecorating my studio, and my arm muscles are sore. I didn’t like how the wall color turned out and decided to do it all a second time. I always have to put everything back into working order, and it was pretty exhausting. It took up the little free time I had, so the progress on Bell (Raccoon Lara) is a bit slow. And sore muscles make working in this super small scale even more difficult.

I am so looking forward to my days off next week. She’ll get her face eventually :).

I already posted the first steps of the chest piece. It’s finished now. As my friend Lorraine (balljointedwoman) pointed out, I better start sewing lots of low cut tops…
She made a white crochet top for me, I have to try it on soon to see how it looks with the ink. It should set the colors off quite nicely.

Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones


Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones


I had so much fun with these that I would love to do something like the raccoon in human scale… Maybe Sy Choi wants a chest piece. Haha…

(Added after publishing)

I finished the other arm as well.

Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones


I painted her face as well, and I don’t know if it is meant to be part of the sculpt or if it was accidental, but she has a dent on her right cheek. Which makes it very difficult to give her an even blush.


5 thoughts on “Ink in progress”

  1. OMG! Your last comment made me LOL! The chest piece is marvelous, especially with the colors. The joker is coming along great, too. You're so talented. I like the idea of a pin-up on the other arm. Whatever you do, I know it will be exceptional.

    I can't wait to see how the chest piece looks with the crochet top.

    I hope you waited for cooler weather to redo your studio. There's nothing worse than attempting physical labor when it's hot and humid.

  2. Haha.. I'd even do it for free on him. But I doubt he'll be able to grow boobs like that :D. Thank you. Faces with an evil, impish expression are my favorites. I have a grin on my face when I work without even noticing that I mimic the drawing's face. It was actually one of the hottest days when I did it the first time. About 42°C. I was drenched in sweat, but the paint was dry the same day.

  3. I had to look at my outdoor thermometer to see what 42 C equals on the Fahrenheit scale and it's nearly 108 degrees. That's too hot to do anything! Thank goodness it never gets that hot here.

    So, who says he needs boobs to have his chest inked? Ha-ha-ha…

  4. This is just AMAZING!!! I am speechless, how beautiful you work turned out. And yes: lot of low cut tops to Show this masterpiece. I also love the Joker on her arm and I think he is perfect in just black and white.

  5. Thank you :). I am working on the tops. She is currently getting her face, and the joker has a bit of color as well. I finished her other arm as well and now she's almost finished.

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