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So Boho

I had hoped to be able to show some box opening pics of Lara already, but she sat in airport customs for over a week after she arrived. I just had the pick up notification in the post this morning, and I am going to collect her first thing on Monday.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy sticking to my plan to make something for the big dolls again. And since Ruben hasn’t gotten anything new for ages I picked him as the next in line.

Sewing for Ruben is always a bit difficult. He just doesn’t need any more black leather stuff, he already has basics and he’s so heavy that I don’t really feel comfortable handling him. I am always afraid to drop him or scratch his ink.

And since there are no festivals planned for me this year I thought Ruben might go instead. I decided he will get something in Boho style. Or is it Gipsy? I have no idea. Leander will get stuff in a similar style, but it’s not finished yet. This kind of Indie-rock festival clothing is not really Ruben’s style, but he’ll have to wear it anyway ;). He gets to wear an awful lot of jewelry, drop crotch pants and an embroidered vest, and I made bracelets to go with it. And I like the result. Even if Ruben thinks it’s too close to the things goa-techno fans are wearing, and he doesn’t like that kind of music at all. So he’s happily listening to heavy metal while sporting the indie-goa-gipsy-boho vibe outfit. I still tried to keep the colors Ruben-style subdued, even if Boho usually comes a bit more colorful. But Leander will get something more bold, promised.

4 thoughts on “So Boho”

  1. I really like this outfit. To me it says Tribal rather than anything else. While the style is not Native American (although the turquoise jewelry says Navajo) and the print motifs could be anything from African to Renaissance, the overall feeling is strongly Native. Ruben looks great in it. And it goes without saying–although I'll say it anyway–his tats are exquisite.

  2. Thank you :). I guess the basic color is what makes it look Native- it looks like leather. If it was violet or red instead of brownish, it wouldn't remind me of Tribal. But it feels just good to get back to making things for the big dolls and having as much fun with it as ever.

  3. I hope you can pick Lara on Monday! I feel you, customs is always a PITA in here as well, so I know your pain T_T

    Ruben is looking great! I really love that style on him, and honestly, your sewing is so versatile! I love the jewelry and accessories, as it really complements an outfit.

  4. Thank you :). I did, she is here and she's lovely. I always have to be careful with bling for Ruben, I already managed to scratch some of the owl-tattoo paint with a pentand.

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