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ResinRapture DIY doll eye templates

I made these some time ago since I was planning to make eyes. But I have so much to do already that I decided to publish the designs I made. These are templates you can use to create your own doll eyes.

Click on the picture to go to the eye template page.


Free BJD DIY eye templates



4 thoughts on “ResinRapture DIY doll eye templates”

  1. My goodness! You've got some gorgeous colors in here. I wish you had made some so people could see what the eyes look like when completed. Is the white dot part of the design?

  2. I'd love to know how they look. I had been in contact with Saffrindoll, but then she stopped making eyes. I would love to have testers, though. I wanted to make them, but I already have so much stuff going on. I printed them very tiny, and they still look nice, but I don't know how they look with a dome over the picture. The white dot is just in the preview, the actual designs are larger and have no dots. The previews just looked better, more eye-like ;).

  3. Dollmore sells a DIY eye (white sclera base plus clear dome) if you wanted to test a few. The only problem is 12mm is their smallest size, so it wouldn't do for FIDs and tinier eyes. Click on My Self Eyes in Dollmore's menu column. They also have some supplies (glitter, pearl powder, etc) under Customizing Resin Eyes. Dollmore always includes free stuff when you order a doll. They once sent me a sclera base plus dome–don't remember if it was 12mm or 14mm. If I ever get my printer working again I'll try one of your eye designs in it.

  4. Thank you! I've seen them on etsy and ebay as well. But I've posted this on DOA and Steamwitch said she'd like to try, so I hope she'll post her results.

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