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Sewing for Everett – clothes for FID muscle body

I made loads of new outfits for my new family members. Everett and Walden can share some clothes, but they need their own stuff of course. Usually it’s Ladies first, but this time Everett will take the lead. I have to retake some of the girl outfit pictures. I managed to pierce my thumb with Ludivine’s foot hook. Quite painful. And since I didn’t want to stain anything with a bloody patch I called it a day.

The berry colored shirt is the only thing I didn’t make, it’s a mini-T I bought a couple of years ago. Everett likes corduroy, it’s a preference he shares with Walden. I made a suit for him, and the muscle body looks quite bulky with a shirt, a vest and the jacket. I should have tucked the shirt in ;).


5 thoughts on “Sewing for Everett – clothes for FID muscle body”

  1. Please, please tell me you didn't make all of that in one day! Considering you probably made the patterns, too, I'm insanely jealous. Everett looks great. 🙂

  2. Hear the mistress of speed-chrocheting… 😀 Thank you. I made the pants and vest in one day and the shirt and jacket took one each. But I made them over easter, so I did have time to actually work on them. I'll post the girl's new clothes soon.

  3. My goodness I love those outfits!! The fabrics you pick are always so perfect, you are really an inspiration!! 😀

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