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New Year, new clothes

Somehow the new year doesn’t feel that new anymore, even though it has just been 10 days. Time enough to finish a couple more outfits. And I received Rachel’s fixed feet back, along with a Russian Christmas card – Thank you, Olga :). The high heel feet were missing the metal hooks to put them on, and I had to send them back to Russia.

And I need to sort fabric to check what I have – to avoid ordering the same fabric twice because I forgot about it after I stored it away. If I had more space I would like to put the fabric in transparent boxes and stack them on shelves. I’ve seen enviable pictures of people’s sewing rooms, but I guess I have to make do with what I have. At least the colors don’t fade inside a box under my bed ;).

Roux can wear pretty much any color, but I think she likes colors in the brown palette best, followed by blue and green. I would love to have some white boots for her, but I haven’t found any I liked that would fit her.


The last two pictures are nothing new, I just took them because I had the feeling my large girls felt neglected since I have been so busy with the Minis. I don’t want to end up spending no time on the larger dolls just because I like the FID size so much.

Seraphine deserved a hug (and I think I need to readjust her eyes)…

Iplehouse Audrey – Seraphine Luna Morrigan

…and Vasilissa looked very witchy

Iplehouse Isis – Vasilissa Luna Baranova


And since my cat was actually awake and watching the preparations I took a picture of her too.

Misc – ResinRapture


8 thoughts on “New Year, new clothes”

  1. Ich weiß, daß viele das machen, aber meine grossen bleiben. Sie haben mir über Jahre Freude bereitet, und ich würde sie nicht gegen ihre kleinere Version eintauschen wollen. Auch wenn sie weniger Platz wegnehmen.

  2. What beautiful green eyes your cat has!
    You've been busy! Roux has amassed an enviable wardrobe in very little time. I think the denim skirt and sweater outfit is my favorite. I think she looks good in every color.
    I keep my fabrics in clear plastic boxes on shelves–but that doesn't mean there is much organization within the boxes. I tried that once, but each time I take out fabrics to work with them, I put the leftovers back wherever there is room, not necessarily where they belong.

  3. They are almost turquoise, depending on the light. I like her in the blue outfit too, it's more her style than velvet. I have to make another skirt though, this one shrunk in the washing and it's almost too tight. She can pose better with a bit more space between the legs. Oh, so it was your sewing room :-), I couldn't remember where I saw it. I don't know if you noticed that she has lashes now. I thought she looked more awake without, but I will get used to them.

  4. It's hard to see the eyelashes. I've noticed with these new blog formats that photos don't enlarge as much as they did before.
    Oh, and I don't sew in my sewing room. It's a finished space in my basement, but it's too cold to spend much time there. I sew on my dining table instead. Things would probably stay better organized if I did work downstairs–but I wouldn't get nearly as much exercise! 😀

  5. *bows down to your impressive sewing skills, and the amazing clothing combos you make*

    My goodness, your sewing is amazing!! I love the skirt/sweater outfit, I never manage to make such pretty outfits, or combine the fabrics/colors so well!! You are amazing!! And the offshoulder nude dress is amazing!

    And you cat is so fluffy and adorable! 😀

  6. Thank you. You are in a good mood, it seems :D. I am very flattered. And sure you can, you do it all the time with your adorable crochet items. You have a grey cat too, right?

  7. I think the reason is that the dynamic view theme is made to display all views of the theme, even if you pick one. Basement…brrrr. I'm freezing just thinking about it.

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