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Eye comparison 12mm eyes

In answer to a question regarding eye sizes I did some quick comparison pictures. Most of my dolls wear Eyeco soft silicone eyes, which come in odd sizes. What normally would be 12 mm in standard glass eye size is 13 mm for Eyeco. Since they come with larger whites, it’s possible to go one size down, sometimes even two. Most of my girls wear a smaller size, Eyeco 11 mm for a recommended size of 12 mm. Depending on the form of the eyes it’s sometimes even possible to go down 2 sizes, as I did with my Myou twins.

Someone was asking for eyes for an IOS Hiro, a doll with a very long, almost slitted eye-shape. The closest to this eye shape I can offer is my Leaf, although she is maybe not the best example. Her eyes are a bit weird, the outer corners of her eyes go very far back to the sides of her temples, the sockets are uneven and irregular. The size recommendation for her was 14-16 mm, which is huge. For the picture I used 12 mm standard glass and Eyeco 13 mm soft silicone. The super small pupil is an exception, they’re usually larger, but I wanted her to look wild. Larger pupils usually make eyes look more gentle. The picture with the eyes in a row show the normal pupil size for Eyeco eyes.

The glass eye doesn’t fit perfectly, there’s a gap, but the putty doesn’t show. The 13 mm Eyeco fills the socket nicely without gaps due to the flexibility of the material.

In addition to these two I added a super small iris eye from Kokdollcollection. I ordered those for Enoch, whose eye openings are extremely small with normal sized sockets.

This one is a Luts Luwen (he doesn’t belong to me, I just did his face), he comes with a recommended eye size of 18 mm. He’s wearing 13 mm eyeco in the first picture, and they are a bit too small (the putty is showing at the corners). But 15 mm would have worked, I just don’t have any.


FU comission project


FU comission project




4 thoughts on “Eye comparison 12mm eyes”

  1. That is a very interesting comparison, thank you for doing it! I personally have a thing with doll-eyes, and get so frustrated at my own dolls when the putty shows up at the sides D:

    I have owned Eyeco eyes, and their odd sizing is great! However, mine got really, really yellowish and in the end, they did not look well at all.

  2. I've heard of the yellowing issue, but I've read it might depend on the putty. Putty with oily substances seem to cloud eyes. I've not had the experience yet, maybe because my dolls are stored in the dark and I only take them out for pictures. Sorry to hear you had that.

  3. I also use Eyeco eyes–when I'm not using glass. I haven't had much trouble with yellowing, but I also have heard that the putty is usually to blame. A silicone putty works best with the soft glass eyes. For elongated eyes I like oval shaped glass eyes. I never have a problem with gaps with those.

    That's a super interesting face-up on Luwen. How did you get the words to look so perfectly as if they were set in type?

  4. I love Eyeco's. It's just a pity that they start at 11mm, I would like to have them in 9 for the tiny dolls. I haven't looked into oval eyes yet, Leaf is the only one with those long eyes.

    Thank you :). He was a lot of fun, unfortunately I don't know what became of him. The owner didn't have a body for him and I think she sold him. Maybe he's blank again. I don't know, practise, I guess. I do a lot of lettering tattoos.

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