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Boxopening + Review MYou doll

Well this was fast, and unexpected :).

I came across this girl little girl in the DOA news section and I was interested in what seemed to be a promising range of motion. Since the company is new and they only offer email-order for now, I ordered her via Alice’s Collections, one of my favorite shops.
I received the MYou 1/4 blank ws Ailsa and an NS 1/3 girl body today. They were packed together in one box, they came with random glass eyes and a face mask, basic underwear and ID card.

The quality is much better than I would have expected. They are less defined than Iples, but all seams are sanded, the insides look good, and they stand well and hold poses well as far as I can tell. She’s neither floppy nor do bodyparts snap into unwanted positions. Her feet joints might need sueding once she’s older, but for now they hold the position you put them in, although you can turn them backwards and nearly to a tip toe position. She doesn’t have heel feet, but even with flat feet she’s 44cm tall, taller than my JID girls.

The head/headplate is the usual s-hook/magnet combination. Hands and feet are on s-hooks as well. Since elbows and knees are double-jointed and she has additional mobility joints in her tighs and a hip joint, her range of motion is exceptional, she’s quite the poser. Her head doesn’t bend backwards very far, but you can move it rather far to the sides and forward.

The body is well proportioned, the breast looks natural and as far as I can tell she’s a decent piece of doll engineering.






Posability SD girl body MYou