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Tag: AsadoAzuma

Enoch’s new habit

One of the least photographed dolls in my collection is Enoch. His white skin and the first cowl I made for him are incredibly difficult to photograph, at least for

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Monks and dryads

These too haven’t been out of the closet for ages, and since it’s a sunny sunday today I thought it would be the right time to let them see daylight

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Enoch pictures

I took Enoch out for some pictures today. There was a particularly persistent bumblebee, which seemed to have an appetite for monks. As soon as I managed to pose him

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Enoch Luna of Arundel

Enoch Luna of Arundel is a hybrid of an Asado Azuma head and a Popodoll 68 male body in white skin. He joined the Moonchild community in 2016. Like Vasilissa he has no family and is the only non- Iplehouse Moonchild.

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Azuma arrived

My Absolute doll Asado Azuma head in white skin arrived :). I didn’t get a wooden box, he came in a shiny purple one with pink eyes as a gift.

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