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Happy 2023 and a monstrous freebie

First things first: I wish you all a happy and healthy 2023!

And I want to take the opportunity to give you either a belated Christmas gift or just the first freebie for this year. Nothing much, just a little panties pattern for Monst dolls.

Do you remember the girl that arrived a couple of weeks ago? Just in time for Christmas her two sisters came as well. Meet Bear and ChouChou. They will be customized as well, but I took the pictures right after I unpacked them. Both are not wearing their complete outfits, ChouChou is missing her socks and Bear is just wearing her dress. If you want to see her complete outfit, just pop over to Emily’s great review (linked below the pictures). Currently only Bear still has her face on, I already wiped ChouChou and GuoGuo for repaint purposes. The face paint comes off really easy, a lot easier than some of the Barbie face paint I have removed. And I have to come up with some better names for them.


I thought about writing a review, but Emily from The Toybox Philosopher beat me to it. She did such a great job that I am just going to point you to her most thorough review of these little dolls. Check out her blog, there is lots of really interesting content to explore. She wrote that she wished they came with underwear. My thoughts exactly. Some of the adorable dresses they come in are really short, and it would be nice if they had at least some panties.

So I made some. And I am going to share the pattern, they are really quick and easy to make.

Download the picture, place it in Word and scale it to 70mm width and 100mm height. If you use very thin and stretchy fabric (like the jersey I used for the white panties), you might want to place the pattern on a horizontal grain. Else it might stretch just a bit too much. You can see the direction of the grain when the pictures are enlarged, the striped panties use a vertical grain.

The dotted lines in the drawing are allowance for the seams you fold to the inside later. You don’t need to add sewing allowance at the sides, just place your seam at approximately the same distance from the edge going inwards. I hope this makes sense. 15 minutes of hand stitching later, and your girl has panties.


I made a couple of outfits for the little Monsts, but I am only posting two of them. I will wait until they have their new faces and show you the rest later. Looking at the flowery dress I think I might need to add some beads for buttons. What do you think?



And now: Have a lovely start into the year and enjoy a bit of sewing.

12 thoughts on “Happy 2023 and a monstrous freebie”

  1. Very cute panties! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I look forward to seeing your repaints. 🙂 Emily is indeed always very thorough with her reviews, her blog is like a fun doll and toy encyclopedia isn’t it. 🙂 Have a lovely start of 2023 too!

  2. Hi Mia,
    I have one of those Monst dolls as well as a couple of similar dolls you can see mine here: though I have done very little with them since bringing them home back in 2020. I must admit they are very cute and lend themselves to customising, even for a beginner as they are so reasonably priced. I shall look forward to seeing what you do with yours . . . I’m sure it will be something exciting!
    Big hugs,

  3. P.S. Thanks for the pantie pattern. Your girls look very well dressed and though I don’t think the beads are a necessity, the flowery dress looks lovely as it is.

  4. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your gift! Your dolls are cute. Perhaps some tiny beads on your flower dress would be perfect. But it is beautiful anyway.

  5. All the best for the New Year 2023!

    OMG, they are so cute… So, so cute! I can’t wait to see their new faces. But I already love the clothes you made for them.

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