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Speculoos and sugar sprinkles

Yes, I know, I have already written a Christmas post. But I opened one of the gifts my friend Tanja gave me this morning and found such a lovely surprise that I wanted to share this. She gave me these super tiny speculoos and cookies with sugar sprinkles. Now all my tiny dolls have a big jar of Christmas cookies. Yummy! Thank you so much!


Tiny Christmas cookies


Once more: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays – what ever is more to your liking. I hope you have a lovely time, peaceful, warm and enjoyable!



And my local drugstore handed out these little sledges as a Christmas giveaway. They are too small for most of my dolls, but it’s a nice prop anyway.


BJD props and accessories


8 thoughts on “Speculoos and sugar sprinkles”

  1. Aww so lovely! Super cute for your dolls Christmas too. I love the little box as well. ❤️❤️ Merry Christmas x

      1. What a lovely present, just perfect! Are they real cookies, edible I mean? Either way, it’s so thoughtful and sweet of your friend. 🙂 The little sled may be a good size for one of your dolls’ toy bears or something? Belated merry christmas!

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