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Hippie knit

I was in the mood for knitting again, and Dandelion got this super long cardigan. It’s almost a coat. She loves the irregular color changes. I didn’t want to make it too colorful, just a bit for the Dandelion-factor. It’s not too loud in combination with her already loud pants, and the basic color matches her hair.



I think I need to make one for myself. A combination of kidney warmer and cuddly cardigan. And one can never have enough warm cardigans, don’t you think?

Have a lovely weekend!

11 thoughts on “Hippie knit”

  1. She looks great! You honestly have a special spark to “layer” outfits, and also to combine materials and fabrics. They always look amazing, and versatile!

  2. This cardigan is perfect for her. Colors and style.

    Yes, I agree – never too much cardigans. 😉 Both for me and dolls. xD

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