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Bear pack

Dots has new pants and a new shirt. I made them a while ago, but never took pictures. These aren’t great, but that’s all I can manage with this crap light. And I went through one of my boxes with props and came across this little backpack. I don’t even remember where that is from, I think it came as a gift, but one thing I know for sure: I didn’t make it.

Dots doesn’t care. She thinks it’s great to stuff bears in. Another thing I recently made is the fence, it’s a great posing help. I made it for the fashion size dolls, but it works just as well for the kids.



And since I didn’t take pictures of these before: Aren’t these lovely props? I wish they were bigger, they are just doll house scale.

They work well with Barbie, though.

Doll props – Miniatures


I will probably take a little break, I need to sew stuff for myself for once.

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