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New outfits for Mailin and Fiona

As promised here are the new outfits for Mailin and Fiona. Each of them consists of a basic dress, a matching pinafore and a cape. I don’t know if this combination of dress and pinafore has a name, if you know how it’s called please let me know in the comments. My little girls are happy, they have been waiting for new outfits for quite some time.

4 thoughts on “New outfits for Mailin and Fiona”

  1. Lovely sets, I really like this style. Maybe such a combination of dress and pinafore has Scandinavian origins? I wouldn’t know how it’s called, if it has a name, sorry that I can’t help. Anyway, your girls look beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I have been told they are called pinafore dress. And now that you say it- I think I saw illustrations of Viking women wearing dresses and tunics. But I think women around the world tried to protect their dresses by wearing some sort of aprons over them. And so did the kids. I like this old fashioned style a lot, too.

  2. Oh Mia my!! You have been a busy girl, I love these outfits and the dusty colours you chose, they look wonderful on your girls. Pinafores always look great over a dress and it creates a more interesting outfit. I never thought of it having a special name, perhaps it does, must look into it now you have aroused my curiosity. Love the capes too, speaking of which, I just finished and posted mine on The Little Dolly Toybox. 🙂 It’s such an easy pattern to adapt, and quick to knit, I am sure I will make more . . . so thank you once again for posting the pattern.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! I really like the colors, too, I am glad these berry and petrol tones are in fashion again and easy to find. And now I am going to head over to your little Toybox to see what you have created.

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