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Winter is coming…

Well, not quite, but it’s getting chilly. And that’s why I made a jacket for Dandelion before I finished other stuff on the idea list.

I didn’t want to use buttons or a zipper, somehow they didn’t seem quite right. But the tiny wooden beads I found do the job, and even though they are a bit large I think they still look better than a zipper for the style I had in mind. I would have loved to make tiny oval toggle closures, but I couldn’t find beads in a size that would have been in scale. I tried to make some, but the wood broke every time I tried to drill a tiny hole into them.

Dandelion’s pants are made using the leggings pattern I shared a while ago, I just cut the legs wider at the bottom. The jersey I used for the pants has beautiful ornaments in each rectangle, it’s hard to see if you just see part of the pant leg.



9 thoughts on “Winter is coming…”

  1. Fabulous jacket! I love the fabric colors and design. It’s funny, before I started reading this my first thought about the buttons was that they look like toggles. You achieved the look without oval beads. The pants are fun. I love the harlequin effect in the fabric design.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for giving me the clue “harlequin”. I thought the pattern reminded me of something :), I just didn’t get a clear picture…

  2. I think you did a great job making the sweater look like it has toggle closures. I like the jacket a lot!

    1. Thank you! When I had finished the experiments I saw some leather-toggles and thought I could have used leather instead. It didn’t occur to me before..

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