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Badge fun: ProArtist banners and badges

New ResinRapture community badge!

This time: More ProArtist banners & badges

The ProArtist badges were the first I made, and the web banners are already on the community start page. But since someone came up with the idea of a doll sized pin I added a round version. 

Spread the message…

If you want to download one of these, click on the picture. You’ll find an arrow symbol in the top right corner of the lightbox. Click on it to see sharing and download options.

Instagram size  648 x 648px

ProArtist ribbon Instagram
ProArtist 125 x 125
ProArtist 300 x 100
ProArtist 180 x 150
ProArtist 120 x 90

If you want to add one of these to your own website or blog:

Most blog themes come with the option to add widgets to the layout. Download the size you want and upload the image to your blog/website. Your can either add it with an image widget or add the image URL with with a text/html widget to display the image on your blog.

All small circular badges have a transparent border for a better look on dark backgrounds.

All the badges are free and for all doll enthusiasts! You can download the badges and use them on your blog, your Instagram, as a statement in discussions or anywhere else.

I only ask that you do not rename the image files. Thank you!

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