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Change of subscription management

Update: This post is irrelevant after a change of some technical stuff didn’t cause any problems. I will not delete it, since some people commented on it, but the heads up proved to be unnecessary. 

Original post text:

This is a heads up for my existing Email-subscribers. I am sorry to cause confusion with this, because it might mean that you have to subscribe via email again. But I thought I should change this right now, before more followers use the email-subscription in the header. Apparently the subscription management form you saw when you clicked on the confirm subscription button was confusing. It seemed to give the impression that it is necessary to create a WordPress account to follow the blog via Email. (It is not necessary).

I will try to exchange the form with a simpler one, even if that means that existing email followers need to subscribe again or might get another subscription Email. I honestly can’t tell what will happen, and that is why I will try to add your existing subscription Email addresses manually after I changed the form. You will probably receive an email that tells you you just subscribed to my blog.

Please excuse the inconvenience, I will try to make the new blog as easy and uncomplicated to follow as possible.

I am still learning how to work with WordPress.

Update about an hour later:

I changed the widget, and if those who subscribed before still get updates all is well in the realm. I can still see the same subscribers.

New subscribers will still get a confirmation email, but all you have to do is hit the confirm follow button (same as before, but the look of the confirmation page is less confusing now – at least that’s what I hope).


4 thoughts on “Change of subscription management”

  1. I had no trouble subscribing, but then I already have a WordPress account so… thanks!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I guess it might be a bit confusing for some followers who followed the old blog with their own blogger account. Glad to have you!

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