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Badge fun: Elf hoarder

New ResinRapture community badge!

This time: Elf hoarder

Pointy ears? Did you say pointy ears? I need this doll…
If this could be you, you are probably surrounded by elves in many sizes.

This might be just the badge for you…

If you want to download one of these, click on the picture. You’ll find an arrow symbol in the top right corner of the lightbox. Click on it to see sharing and download options.

Instagram size  648 x 648px

ResinRapture Community badge Elf hoarder 648 x 648

Small badge: 125 x 125px. 

Do you like this one?

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3 thoughts on “Badge fun: Elf hoarder”

  1. No elves at my house, all my resins are human but I do like to see those little mystical creatures in other peoples collections.

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