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Shirts for the big girls – Solovet

I am in a bit of a predicament here. When I started with the dye experiments I already had two new dolls on order. One of the characters took shape even before I decided on the sculpt. And this girl is the one who makes all the shirts, she runs a shop with her sister. I already started to customize a WordPress blog (learning by doing) that will be her imaginary website. My problem is: She has been waiting for completion since February and I have no idea when she’ll arrive. Without her in the house and her story on the blog it seems weird to talk about her, and I am not sure if I should continue just posting the pictures of the dyed shirts without her story to accompany them.

Well, I decided I’ll post them anyway and once she arrives you will get the name, the story and maybe see one or two shirts again.

Solovet is not really the type for tie dyes, she likes her clothes plain. Her new green-violet shirt is still changing color, but it’s not too wild for her. And for less daring days she has the old pink one, which complements her complexion rather than just her eyes.


6 thoughts on “Shirts for the big girls – Solovet”

  1. Hi Mia,
    I actually think, seeing Solovet in both colours in the one post, that I prefer her in pink. It seems to bring her to life more, perhaps because it's a warmer colour.
    But in saying that, they are both really nice tops. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  2. Is the tie dye shirt for the new girl? That would make her SID, right? I'm dying of curiosity–who did you order? Like Xanadu, I also prefer Solovet in pink. The blue shirt is pretty, but I think its coloring will look better on another girl.

  3. I might have been confusing. The new girls are FID girls (Bianca and Doria). But I imagined them to be the makers of all the dyed shirts. They will have their own shop and their own website. But since they are not there yet it doesn't make sense to mention them as the source of all the shirts. I like her better in the pink, too. And I think she'll always prefer plain color.

  4. These are great tee shirts and it's nice to see them but I completely understand how you'd want to have the correct doll home before you continued showing them. I do like both tee shirts but the blue one is my favourite of the two…probably because I love blue as a colour anyway.

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