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Friendly looking resin men

I usually don’t post pictures of new characters before I have introduced them properly. But this time it’s not so much a character introduction as an introduction to one more sculpt with potential for a friendly smile.

A while ago my latest additions to the resin family arrived, Isabel and Tedros. When I ordered them I had some vague ideas about their background. Married couple, possibly raised in a rural religious community, plain clothes, biblical names, something like that.

Isabel was on my wish list for a while, but her husband had yet to be found. I wanted a guy with a determined, young face and an open friendly expression. The obvious choices are Claude and Oscar, but I already have those two. So I looked for sculpts with ‘hidden’, less obvious smiles and found Tedros.

I mostly came across the EID-Tedros in the tan version with dark hair and a hint of beard, and those Casanova-styled guys did nothing for me. Tedros never interested me as a large doll.

But my view of Tedros changed when I saw the FID sculpt. I thought FID Tedros might have the potential for a really endearing smile. Maybe it was the different face up, maybe the sculpt really is slightly different. It seems to be a little less triangular, more jawbone and less cheekbone.

Tedros comes with a very narrow nose bridge, a long nose and a bit of a furrowed brow. The company face up emphasizes those features with brows that follow the sculpt almost down to the nose bridge. Giving brows that downward angle is usually a good way to make a face look fierce. So the first thing to do was to give him friendlier eye brows, and the rest was just a bit of blush here and there to emphasize his natural smile. Glasses shorten his long nose, I will experiment with some more frames to see what suits him best, but I really like the frame he’s wearing in the picture.

Here’s a sneak peek of the result. I hope I was able to emphasize his friendly features, and those are even stronger than I had hoped for. I am more than happy with the way he turned out. He just feels right, and apart from instant bonding I am surprised how much I like a sculpt I wouldn’t have ordered if it wasn’t for the couple-plans. It’s almost funny – Isabel was the one I focused on when I ordered the two, and now she’s the one who is still in the box. Looking at the first picture he has almost a bit of Jim Morrison about him, don’t you think? It’s the hair, probably.

And if you are looking for a smiling guy, Tedros might be an option besides Oscar and Claude.




10 thoughts on “Friendly looking resin men”

  1. I saw him on Den of Angels yesterday and wondered which sculpt he was. I never would have identified him as a Tedros. Not sure I see him as a Jim Morrison type except for the hair–Tedros looks cleaner and more laid back than JM. I take it he is the regular Tedros and not the Gentle Tedros. To me, "Gentle" Tedros looks fiercer than the regular. I can see him as a young Amish farmer, but he'd have to lose the stripes and the buttons. It would be interesting to see Isabel with minimal makeup and plain dress, too.

  2. I am happy you say that, it means I succeeded with creating a new look for Tedros. I have to admit that I have not really seen many pictures of JM, just that famous frontal view of a young and slim JM. But you are right. And you are also right guessing it's the regular Tedros. I agree, "gentle Tedros" looks like a Vampire to me. Haha, the shirt is Walden's, this guy (I think his name will be Gideon) doesn't have outfits yet. I had Hutterites in mind, they are not as strict as Amish. And they like colorful dresses πŸ™‚

  3. Gideon is a good name. I like it. Gentle Tedros looks like a vampire to me, too. The way Iplehouse has styled him he could have walked right off the pages of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. Amish women wear colorful dresses, so long as they're plain. No prints, no plaids, etc. I lived in Pennsylvania for a number of years, where many Amish and Mennonites still live although you'll find them in other States as well. Possibly also Hutterites, although there are fewer of them. The plain sects settled in Colonial Pennsylvania to avoid religious persecution, drawn there by William Penn's liberal religious policies.

  4. Most Hutterites are in Canada as far as I know. Those plain prairie style dresses are probably not very practical, but I love the look. There are a couple of videos about the Pennsylvanian religious groups, and while I don't understand Amish I can understand about 70% of Pennsylvanian Dutch and almost all of the Hutterite dialect. It's funny how language changes in such different ways if a group of speakers keeps to themselves far from the language origins.

  5. I like him very much. He looks like a gentle and very friendly guy. But I can't wait to see Isabel. She is on my wishlist too… πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Mia,
    He's a wonderful choice, with a handsome and kind face. I like the way his mouth turns up slightly at the corners, and the glasses look great on him.
    Big hugs,

  7. I saw him on DOA too and it took me a minute to figure out who he was. You are certainly right, the face up gives him a very different vibe than any other Tedros I've seen. Great job!

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