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ResinRapture has a facebook page now

I very much appreciate the comments on the blog, but I’ve sometimes wished it was possible to comment on specific pictures, or ask a quick question. People have done that on facebook instead.

I’ve been sharing pictures to doll groups on facebook, but I want to keep my hobby private. That is, I don’t want all the customers of my shop to know I collect dolls, and that is the reason I just posted in closed groups. It became somewhat confusing to keep track of who was a shop customer, who a fellow doll enthusiast and who was a friend of a friend who wanted to know something about my job.

That’s the reason I created a facebook page for the blog, to share some posts, pictures and thoughts. I’d be happy if you’d pay a visit, like, share and feel free to comment if you like. I know that most people check facebook more often than google+ timelines.

ResinRapture on facebook

Thanks, dears 🙂