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Space… I need more space!

Before I started the hobby I actually had space. Not a lot, but enough. That changed with the dolls. All that stuff, the boxes –  which I can’t store in the basement because it’s too humid – my diorama furniture. Every inch on my cabinets, under the bed and a gazillion boxes are filled with doll related stuff. I sometimes read that people have rooms just for the hobby. Oh, how much I envy that. I’d love to have a room only for all the hobby stuff. I could build a new diorama and just leave it there to use it whenever I am in the mood. If I put things away I am not that tempted to take a quick picture, but if I leave the stuff standing around it annoys me. Oh well.

I already moved the smaller dolls to a different cabinet, but both are nearly full now. And I am waiting for three more, two large girls and a JID boy, so I guess I will have to move the nYids to the other cabinet.

BJD props – ResinRapture


Speaking of JID boys…
My boys need clothes. Somehow my sewing projects end up to be gender discrimination. I have to change that. And I started by ordering some guy-fabric. The shop always sends fabric like this, neatly stacked and tied with a ribbon. It really makes you look forward to work with it. I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop for JID boy clothes, but I guess that’s one of those plans that will never happen. Not enough time on my hands for all the things I would like to do.


Sewing for BJD – ResinRapture patterns and tutorials



2 thoughts on “Space… I need more space!”

  1. I think everyone in the hobby can relate to the need for space. The longer you are in the hobby, the more stuff you accumulate, the more space you need. Even getting rid of some dolls doesn't help. Their stuff remains, just in case you ever get another doll that size or because another doll can wear it.

    And no matter how much time you have for your hobby, it's never enough. I buy fabric for planned doll outfits and it just piles up. It's not that I don't do any sewing, it's just that there are always too many projects, like a new doll that is a different size from any of the others. It never ends…

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