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Tag: Zera

Bonds and stories

Bonds.. All kids love softhearted Seraphine, and Fiona is fascinated by her.   Tristania and Ruben are just goofing around..      

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Heavy Metal

Creating a metal chick outfit Did I mention Tristania is into Heavy Metal? Unfortunately there’s no metal sign hand part available, so we’ve got to

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Tristania Luna Morrigan

Tristania Luna Morrigan arrived as a SID Zera, but changed bodies with Yur. She is now on an EID body in normal skin. She was my very first doll and started the Moonchild community in 2013. She was meant to be one of three sisters, the Moonchild sisterhood. She is the silent queen of my crew. She does not appear often, but she will always be that special doll.

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