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Casual wear for Tristania

It’s been a while since I made something for my big girl. Just finished her chinos, did the shirt and the cardigan a while back. Looks pretty comfy, doesn’t it?

Iplehouse Zera – Tristania Luna Morrigan


Iplehouse Zera – Tristania Luna Morrigan

3 thoughts on “Casual wear for Tristania”

  1. Hello. I love your blog and your patterns. I am looking for and SID woman's blue jean pattern and didn't see one. I'd be happy to purchase one if you have one as my girls really need jeans. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! Have you checked dollswestdesign or etsy? I planned to share them, but since a lot of people seem to be unwilling to follow the very few simple rules I decided against sharing any more free patterns.

  3. Hi Mia,
    Thank you for sharing your patterns. I have the Iplehouse larger dolls along with a JID girl. I enjoyed looking at your photos.

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