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Tag: Tedros FID

Cat Dads

Cats like Gideon and Walden, and they like cats. They are both very gentle guys and I guess cats sense that. I took the pictures on two different days, and

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More sweaters

More sweaters :). Rachel wears a very lady-like white sweater with lace trim. I have to make some more clothes for her, she doesn’t have nearly as much as the

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Gideon Hofer

Gideon Hofer is an Iplehouse FID Tedros on the model body in normal skin. He joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2019. Gideon is married to Judith Hofer.

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Friendly looking resin men

I usually don’t post pictures of new characters before I have introduced them properly. But this time it’s not so much a character introduction as an introduction to one more

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Box opening

Oops, I did it again… Seriously, I thought I wasn’t going to buy more dolls. But then Iplehouse came up with the curvy FID body. And since the nYid body

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