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Spring greetings from Perdita

Just a few spring impressions with Perdita :). I would have loved to take some more pictures, but it was quite windy. Perdita doesn’t stand very well unaided, and after a few almost-accidents I decided to call it a day and go with the photos I had been able to take.

The pink azalea was a rescue plant, I found it almost dead in a very small pot in a hardware store dump. It survived and grew quite a bit since then.




I had a lovely surprise thanks to my own forgetfulness. I must have planted magenta tulip bulbs last year, but I completely forgot them.


4 thoughts on “Spring greetings from Perdita”

  1. Perdita looks very pretty standing in among the flowers Mia, she’s such a sweet little doll. Your garden is very colourful and your tulips are lovely. We don’t have much with Tulips, but have many Azaleas in our front garden and even though we are almost into winter we still have some flowering. I’m looking forward to seeing how our bulbs do this spring, hubby panted 170 of them, so fingers crossed we should have a good showing this year.

  2. You do such lovely clothes for your friends! Thanks you for sharing the new outfits as well and the wonderful flowers

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