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Proportion comparison – Raccoon kids and various parents

As promised I took a couple of comparison pictures to show the proportions between the new Raccoon Kid line and various mature fashion doll sized parents. The Raccoon kid body might be updated in 2024 (I asked on the Raccoon Q&A), but the update will probably not be in size but sort of a “limb update”. She might loose a bit of baby fat around the arms and ankles in the future. The Raccoon kid body is a modified Paola Reina girlish body, and some of the Reina features are still visible. Raccoon already released new smaller feet, and all dolls ordered now will come with YOSD sized feet. These little girls are designed to be kids for fashion doll sized parents, and Raccoon is the only company who offers kids in perfect proportion with the mature lines. I imagine mine to be 9 years old, but they could work for an age between 8-11 I think. Since they are are more or less flat chested they could work as boys as well.

I don’t own a SartoriaJ doll and no Raccoon man, but those who own these dolls will probably know how they compare to Iplehouse and Raccoon dolls in size.

The first picture shows Iplehouse FID women, the Raccoon NaPoSlim woman and the Raccoon kid next to an Iplehouse kid. While the bodies of the two kids are very close in size (they can share tops and dresses, IpleKid pants are a bit wide on the Raccoon Kid), the head size of the Raccoon kid is in perfect proportion with the mature dolls.


Body comparison women/kids


This is my new Raccoon kid with possible parents. First picture shows an Iplehouse FID man on the model body, and the Raccoon NaPoSlim body. In the second picture the dad is on a FID muscle body next to a FID woman on the classic body.



Various women, Iplehouse classic FID woman next to different Raccoon bodies. The original old slim Raccoon body is closest in size to the Iplehouse Fid, the NewSlim is a tiny bit shorter, and the NaPoSlim just a few millimeters shorter than the NewSlim body.

Woman bodies and kid



JID girl and Raccoon kid. The proportions are off, I just thought the two fiery mopheads looked fun together.

JID girl and Raccoon Kid


I hope this was helpful. If you own a Raccoon kid and a SartoriaJ woman / couple I would be grateful if you would take a picture for me to add it to this post.


6 thoughts on “Proportion comparison – Raccoon kids and various parents”

  1. Thank you so much, these photos are so great to see!!! That’s really interesting to know that Raccoondoll are planning a bit of a body update – I’ll be interested to see the results! They also said, when I asked on Q&A that they were planning on making elf versions of the girls. So I’d better save up for when that happens!!! Also – damn it, I have two SartoriaJ girls, and I could have taken photos for you, but I’ve JUST sent my Ada’s head off for a new face-up!!! Bad timing on my part. Unfortunately it will be months until she’s back. When she does I can take photos for you though – and I have a SartoriaJ boy on order, so I can take photos with him too once he’s here. I only ordered at Christmas though, so it will probably be a good while. I do hope they look good together, as I bought him to be her dad!

    1. Always glad to help :). I am not really sure it will happen, he said they’d include it in their doll plans for 24, so it’s not a promise. But I think Raccoon always strives to improve, he released new women bodies and will probably do so for the kid line as well. If you just want the mouth of your Ada to be changed, maybe she’ll come back a bit sooner? Anyway, it would be lovely if you would take pictures. And congrats on the prospective dad 🙂

  2. Norma Jean Jolliffe

    Thanks for the comparison. I have been tossing around having children for my adult Iple dolls….even ‘tho I hate making small clothes.

  3. Great comparison. I think she looks amazing, perfect kid for 1/4 dolls. Just love it. I really need to save some money. xD

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