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Comment error “Nonce verification failed”

I am sorry for the recent problems with the comment submission. The problem is that it sometimes works, and other times it doesn’t – and I never really know why. I just know it’s not you. The message “Nonce verification failed” means the system couldn’t process the comment form input, for whatever reason.

But since a failed attempt leaves no trace I have no way of noticing it. I am glad Sandy and other followers told me, thank you for that!

To fix this annoying problem I tried a couple of things, one of them is deactivating a cache plugin. As a result the posts might load more slowly. I hope you still try to comment and don’t give up on it completely. I apologize for the problems. Test comments on this post would be very much appreciated. Even if I don’t approve them directly, when you get the message “Comment submitted” it worked.

When you get the message “Nonce verification failed” and have other ways to tell me about it, I’d be grateful!


Thank you so much.


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