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I am thinking of you

This is a special day. My big sisters Birthday would have been today. Her death and my need for distraction was what got me started in this hobby. And my very first doll Tristania will always be a special one, the one that is the silent queen of my crew, a tribute to you. And as a tribute I took these today. I can almost hear your loud, cheerful laugh.



4 thoughts on “I am thinking of you”

  1. Lovely photos of a lovely doll. Zera was my favorite big Iplehouse girl before I downsized my collection. Her name, Tristania, reminds me of the French Tristesse, meaning sorrow. I can understand why you would give her that name, but I hope she helps to bring you joy.

  2. Thank you. I didn't think of that meaning, I just liked the sound of it, it's the female version of Tristan. And she did, breathing life into her and all her companions was my personal counterspell, so to speak. It's been a while, and the sorrow turned to loving memory, but the dolls certainly helped a lot.

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