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FID man Claude sneak peek

I am reluctant to introduce Walden as a character at this point. He doesn’t have his final eyes yet, the wig I would have prefered to give him doesn’t fit, and he’s not on the body he will have as the character Walden.

But even if it’s not the final character, I couldn’t resist to take some pictures of the current FID Claude on the muscle body. The eyes he’s wearing are intended for Queenie. I am still waiting for an eye order to pick from.

Today some wigs and shoes arrived. Both wigs were the same size, one blond, and one in a soft light brown. The blond one didn’t fit. I have no idea why this particular wig is smaller than all the others from the same brand and in the same size.

The brown one does, though. I actually like it, it’s a color as gentle as his character. He’ll keep it, I think.  Even though I gave him some wrinkles and a touch of circles under his eyes it doesn’t change the fact that Claude is a very young looking sculpt. Which is not a problem, his open friendliness is what I like about him, and this disarming smile adds to the young look.

The shoes are regular msd sneakers from DollMansion. I’ve bought several shoes from their ebay shop, they ship quickly and this time they added a little gift dessert – I think it’s supposed to be ice cream. Thank you :).
The brown sneakers fit, but the first time you put them on it’s a real struggle. If the new body really has smaller feet that will hopefully be easier. But after three days on the doll’s feet it’s much better. The black sneakers with the zipper don’t really fit, but will probably fit the model body feet. At least I hope they do. I didn’t want to force them on the muscle body feet and risk scratches from the zipper. The black sneakers with laces fit fine. And of course all of them fit JID boys.

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Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose
Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose
Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose
Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose

2 thoughts on “FID man Claude sneak peek”

  1. I've noticed that about wigs, too. I have several from the same company in the same size, same style, but different colors. Most fit but not all. I have no idea why that is. If the model body feet turn out to be the same size as the muscle body feet, might I suggest you buy a Raccoon man next time? His feet really are smaller. This was a godsend for me after buying shoes from one company (not the same where I bought the wigs), only to find that sizing was inconsistent from one pair to the next (same size and style, different colors).

    I love Claude's face-up. He looks very gentle and sweet. I don't see the wrinkles you say you gave him, even when I enlarge the photos. I think he'll look perfect on the model body.

  2. I just checked the wig more carefully, and it seems the stitches caught on the wigcap and made a fold. I'll try to undo it. The wrinkles are in the corners of his eyes, so you can't see them unless his head is turned to the side. Yes, I hope he'll look as I imagine on the model body. 🙂

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