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Badge fun: All mine

New ResinRapture community badge!

This time: All mine

Do you find yourself surrounded by A LOT of resin creatures? Even though you wanted just three. Or four? Maybe five at most? 

This might be just the badge for you.

If you want to download one of these, click on the picture. You’ll find an arrow symbol in the top right corner of the lightbox. Click on it to see sharing and download options.

Instagram size  648 x 648px

ResinRapture Community badge All mine 648 x 648

Small badge: 125 x 125px. 

Do you like this one?

Leave a comment or a like!

All the badges are free and for all doll enthusiasts! You can download the badges and use them on your blog, your Instagram, as a statement in discussions or anywhere else.

I only ask that you do not rename the image files. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Badge fun: All mine”

  1. Ooops Yes!!! I only intended to have one BJD back in 2006 when I got my first one!!! And my goodness how quickly that number grew. Now I have waaaay too many dolls although they are not all BJDs but I still have 20 something resin kids 🙂 Oh well, as they say, it’s just a number 😉

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