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Losing face

I am such an idiot, I damaged Melisande’s face up beyond repair. The zipper of my jacket hit her cheek and left a large silvery scratch. My dolls are lined up two rows deep in a closet, and the boys are in the back. I took her out to grab Walden and she stood in the wrong place. Just one of those stupid accidents. I am glad the zipper didn’t hit her hard enough to damage the resin as well, but her face is lost. She’s already scrubbed clean, and I try to look forward to repainting her, but at the moment I am just annoyed with myself.



But maybe it’s a chance to add some freckles to her face, or give her a new look altogether.

But at least Walden is happy, he was the next in line for a new sweater.

Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose
Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose


8 thoughts on “Losing face”

  1. I feel for you. There is nothing more annoying than damaging a faceup you like, because there is no way to fix it without repainting the entire face. Been there, done that. (I also tend to lose eyelashes in the process.) But, as you say, it's an opportunity to try something different–like freckles. I hope you have fun redoing her.

    Love Walden's sweater. At least something good came out of your mishap. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I try to look at the bright side and I really do look forward to paint her again. But today I am not quite able to forgive myself yet ;-).

  3. Don't you just hate that when it happens? You just want to kick yourself! But sometimes these little "accidents" happen for a reason, perhaps she was telling you she needs to express herself in a different way? I shall look forward to seeing the new Melisande when she's been reborn.

    Walden should be happy, it's a lovely sweater Mia. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  4. Thank you :). You might be right. I had to repaint Corvin because I damaged his face, and I like him better now. Maybe Melisande will benefit from the accident after all.

  5. Oh that's such a shame, but I can so relate having done this myself a couple of times. I have two dolls who have a silvery line on their cheeks 🙁 But I don't want to get them repainted as I really like the faceups that they have and fear that they won't be able to be duplicated.

    That's a very nicely knitted sweater too!

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